5 ‏Dangerous Apps Which Can Land You In Jail👨‍💻

5 ‏Dangerous Apps Which Can Land You In Jail👨‍💻

5 Dangerous Apps Which Can Land You In Jail👨‍💻Note: Never try using these apps else you’ll end up in jail or losing all your important data!1. SPOOF APPCall spoofing is a technology that can use someone’s mobile number and call someone else.If you use any spoof website or app, you will have to wind up the direct jail because the app is blacklisted.2. wifikillAs the name says, this app is used to kill wifi. by using this android app, you can turn off other’s Wi-Fi networks.3. POPCORN TIMEHere you can find the latest movies as you want in HD quality.This blacklisted app gets your IP address trace, which claims you as a criminal according to the law.4.BLACKMARTIt is a replica of the play store. it is restricted globally, but if you use it, you break the law.5. TORRENTAll of you know about this one. If you download something from there, you have to pay a fine of 2 lakh INR or jail of 3years

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